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Milkweed Seeds

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milkweed seeds monarch butterfly

The common name for the Monarch butterfly food plant Asclepia is “Milkweed”.

Milkweed seeds are attached to a silky parachute to help them disperse from the seed pod.

Order Milkweed Seed Via PayPal. Each packet contains a minimum of 25 seeds.

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Monarch Butterfly Plants!

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Welcome to Monarch Butterfly Plants!

We are dedicated to helping restore the habitat for Monarch butterflies.

milkweed monarch butterfly plant

As you may know the habitat for this endangered species has collapsed. With your help we can repopulate our gardens with the specific nectar food plants needed for the survival of the Monarch butterfly.

We grow and sell seeds and plants for you to grow in your school garden or backyard at home. These are perennial pants and will grow again each year!

Order 1 Asclepia tuberosa (Milkweed) plant below.

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